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No specific info about version 7.0. Please visit the main page of Anu Script Manager on Software Informer. I have installed anu script manager 7 in windows 7 then its promting me that 'can not open registry ' after the installation. & i couldnt even typr any thing is says DDL:couldnot open an essential data file. Anu Script Manager does not support Adobe Photoshop CS3. There is a problem in Anu Script Manager for editing telugu text in Adobe Photoshop cs3. It does not support Photoshop CS3.

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Anu Script Manager For Windows 10

Anu Script Manager 6.5

Now go to Local Disk (C) >AnuSM and open it, right click on mouse go to View, select Large icones. Choose Kb7 icon,right click on it go to properties > go to compatibility select Run this program in compatibility mode for: Choose Windows XP (Service Pack 3) from drop down list. Select Run this program as an administrator.Then click on Apply, click again on OK. Anu Script Manager 7.0 has installed successfully. Use: Go to desktop and double click on Anu Script Manager icon,Click on Yes.Choose Language Telugu and Keyboard Apple or Roma.Then click on OK. Now open MS word / Excel or Adobe photoshop 7,open it,go to text font,select a font like Jyothi or pallavi etc from drop down list. Now type your matter in telugu.All the best.