Diabolik Lovers S1 Eng Dub

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Yui rejects and he puts his knife in her hand and made her cut him instead. Azusa has a memory flashback of when he was bullied as a child and how he can make his bullies happy if he let them torture him till they see blood. Yui panicked after cutting Azusa and head to the door to get help. However she ends up cornered by Azusa. Vray sketchup 2015 crack. 16 (4) 'Episode 16' October 14, 2015 ( 2015-10-14) Yuma drags Yui to help him in his garden. While harvesting, Yui learns something new from Yuma: the Mukami's were originally humans. 17 (5) 'Episode 17' October 21, 2015 ( 2015-10-21) Kou gives Yui a bouquet of roses as a token of acquaintance.

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  1. Diabolik Lovers S1eng Dub
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He is also rivals with Kanato and seems to enjoy provoking him. Tsukinami household [ ] The Tsukinami brothers were new characters who were introduced in the fourth game of the franchise. They are the original Founders of the vampires who attempt to kidnap Yui for unknown reasons.


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Diabolik Lovers S1eng Dub

He is the first son of Beatrix. Shu grew up being given too much unwanted attention from his mother. Due to his mother's rivalry with Cordelia to be Karlheinz's best wife, she put all the pressures on the young Shu. He is one of the brothers who seems to have any prior knowledge of Yui's arrival, mentioning 'that person' had contacted him asking to have her stay with them as a guest. According to the students of the school, Shu is the owner of the music room and can always be found sleeping there. Yui needs to use a lot of persuasion in order to get him awake and do something for himself.

Shu wins the match and is about to leave, Laito pushes Yui towards him. 4 'Episode 4' October 7, 2013 ( 2013-10-07) Yui tries once again in vain to try to contact her father, but is stopped by Kanato, who later decides to hide her backpack on the roof of the school as 'punishment' for not bringing him the accommodations that he had asked for. As Yui goes to retrieve her belongings, she stumbles upon Laito, who seems to be citing strange words to the moon. 5 'Episode 5' October 14, 2013 ( 2013-10-14) Kanato finds Yui in the rose garden as she tries to sort out the new information about who betrayed her and gave her up as a sacrifice. He beckons her to follow him so he may show off a graveyard containing the grave of his mother. Assuming he would like some time alone, Yui attempts to leave which only infuriates Kanato with misplaced anger.

They made their first anime appearances in the OVA of Diabolik Lovers and they made brief appearances in the second season of the anime. Carla Tsukinami ( 月浪 カルラ, Tsukinami Karura) Voiced by: (Japanese); Josh Morrison (English) Carla is the First Blood King. He is also the elder brother of the founding vampires, possesses both intelligence and reason.

Therefore, he grew up always having to be the best, and being self centered, and overconfident. He refers to himself most of the time as 'Ore-sama'. Due to never receiving any type of love from his mother, he is unable to love, and is at first cold towards Yui. Though over time starts to warm up to her and care for her. He is the first of the Sakamakis to appear at the beginning of the first episode of the anime, as well as the first one to drink Yui's blood.

Diabolik Lovers Season 1 Episode 4 English Dub

Meanwhile, Shu, Subaru, Kanato and Ayato are watching over Yui and the awakening takes place. Reiji makes a potion to kill Cordelia while she's in Yui's body, but in order to make the potion complete, he must have a piece of Cordelia. Kanato pulls Teddy apart to reveal a vial containing Cordelia's ashes and this makes the potion complete. Switching back to the attic, Laito sets fire to the dress and Richter, which then the fire kills him. Ayato then drinks the potion only to feed it to Yui through a kiss and calling her actual name. Yui then awakens, and notices all the brothers are with her.