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What a shoddy, stupid thing to do. Maybe if enough people speak up, Neat will go back to the old policy and software (I know, get my head out of the clouds;-). Not cloud, cloudsThat’s a whole other topic. Just read Julies comments. My first comment was almost a year ago. I get it if you don’t agree with me, but do yourself a BIG favor and buy an iX500 ScanSnap. The best money I ever spent.

Their OCR had a 60 to 70 percent accuracy rate so often you needed to correct the details for each scan. Very tedious. I complained about this repeatedly and they would come back with “Hey! We said there’s about an 85% accuracy rate. Some scans will have problems” After voicing to them several times that since I was paying for an Executive plan I expected better accuracy and that I would assume since it was financial documents most people assume there’s a high level of accuracy they finally admitted that many had voiced the same complaints and they were working on it. This was after several emails where they said they were having problems with employees being accurate. To me there was a simple solution.

Contents • • Neat, Plustek, and More Neat Neat says on that its current software, Neat for Windows 5.1 SP2, can be installed in Windows 8 and will work, although you'll get a Windows security message during installation asking whether it's okay to install the software. Pinnacle studio 22 ultimate coupon code. The company also says there are no firm plans for Windows RT support at this writing.

PC sales are not the same as software sales. My 10 year old Mac Pro could run Neat’s software with gusto. I want to pay for the software, I don’t want my documents in the cloud. Maintaining Neat Desktop, and continuing its development, is probably the easiest route to take a depreciating asset, and turn it around into a profitable one.

I tried, really, to use the cloud based software. It was awful. I am currently looking for another solution because I don’t believe anyone should keep MY FINANCIAL records on their server.

I have to wait until it is done. I have had several documents just disappear that I had to re-scan. If I look at the folder I can tell a document is processing. That is because Neat defaults to “All Items” every time I click on a folder.

We have been actively working with Apple to keep up with the continuous updates so that our customers are satisfied. We have recently received a driver that is currently in Beta that can be used with Mojave. If you would like to use the driver, you can find it here:. Please note, the driver is in BETA. We also apologize for the price increase for your Neat Lite plan.

New software does not even organize receipts by date on expense reports. As per Neat Tech Support this has been going on for 2 yrs. Future version will be completely 'cloud' based. Charging an annual fee for a inferior product is criminal. Jeffrey, We do apologize for the feature that is currently unavailable.