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Ex4 to MQ4 Decompiler You need to learn to program a trading expert yourself, only then can we do the necessary and properly working on Your own trading strategy which will mq4 you profit. Forex attachments Decompiler Ex4 to mq4 4. Free ex4 to mql4 decompiler. My reply still not verified my reply still not verified Hi, i already replied to this thread but still waiting my comment to be approved. If you need to decompile an Ex4 file, you can use this website: by inlinewithtima. Decompile Ex4 To Mq4 Crack decompiling or changing ex4 file to mq4 is made simple with this advanced software and any ex4 file is transformed or decompiled in number of seconds and this is the ex4 to mq4,decompile ex4 to mq4 online decompiler 2017 newest on the internet.

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Ex4 To Mq4 Decompiler Crack

Maybe solution is to have legal obligation to programmers to provide source code but have right to charge fair price for it. If programmers refuse it then other side to have ability and right to decompile it.

IgnoredSo you don't intend to make money from trading? Do you give the code and intellectual property back once you've finished 'borrowing' them? If the software is open source and/or released under a licensing agreement that permits you to re-use the code etc (e.g.


It is not right for you to violate the restrictiins of the developer. That is a serious and in many cases a criminal offence. Just to remind you of the seriousness, consider the trouble Uber is now in. They hired an engineer from Waymo to help develop a driverless vehicle.Waymo claims that the engineer used stolen code from his time employed there and reused the code at Uber. Now Uber is under a restraining order to stop development and the engineer is being investigated on criminal charges. There is a huge gap between driverless vehicle code and a piece of crap MT4 program but the principle is the same. Stealing is stealing.

In the iCustom function, you would then specify the buffer whose value you would like to return. Play around with it and you'll soon get the hang of how it works. IgnoredThere are a few coders on this forum who make design and code trading tools to sell and I have seen many examples of people who find nothing wrong in cracking the ex4 ( you only have to go onto eBay to see many examples of this ) and next thing you know that piece of software is for sell on some obscure website. No thought goes into the huge amount of skill experience and time that goes into programming the indicators/ea's/scripts etc it all comes down to making a quick dollar out of someone else's hard work and knowledge. I can think of several examples of free software coded on Forums ( that have been cracked and passwords removed etc ) that are currently for sale for thousands of dollars by unscrupulous Forex/Binary websites. This is the reason that many coders on Forums no longer post the source code mq4 so at least it makes it harder for those so inclined and thankfully the new MT4 appears at this stage to be very hard to crack.

Alas, the more indicators and EAs that are shared on forums for free, the greater the impression becomes that the software is of little or no value -- and there is nothing immoral in pirating something that has no monetary value. I've been guilty in helping to propagate this notion by freely sharing indicators and EAs, and performing coding and troubleshooting on request. Like the other programmers here, my motive was to help other members, but in one sense I feel I've unwittingly betrayed my fellow developers by making it seem that if it costs nothing, then coding apparently requires little time, effort or expertise. It's good to know that there are no decompilers available, at least not yet, for the new MT4.