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Contents • • • • Recording and production [ ] Gonzo was recorded, in its entirety, in a single room in Chicago, Illinois and produced. The majority of the instrumentals and vocals on the album were recorded in the same room at the same time; only one overdub was used on the entire record. When asked why Foxy Shazam decided to record with Steve Albini, lead singer Eric Nally stated that they chose Albini because, 'he's really the only person around nowadays on his level who just records. He doesn't try to stick his hands in any creativeness. He just captures what you're doing, in a really amazing way.' Track listing [ ] All songs written and composed by Foxy Shazam.

The scary part about it is people’s criticism, because even if you don’t want to be sensitive to that stuff you still are,” he says in a gentle voice. The album dissects Nally’s thoughts about his changing relationship with himself and with his father. “Something changed with my dad as I got older from what I knew of him when I was a kid. I love him with all my heart and always will, but there was a point, right before I wrote Gonzo, where I saw something in him I’ve never seen before, and it was scary,” he remembers. “I looked up to him; everything I did on stage and the personality that I brought to the foreground of Foxy Shazam was inspired by him. At first it was awesome, but then it started to become something not so awesome.” The fear the exuberant lead vocalist felt could be the same one every human faces as they grow older and realize their parents aren’t super heroes but vulnerable humans with flaws, flaws that may be hereditary.

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Lolol i just looked up what their first vinyl release has been selling for (according to popsike). I remember when it was being given away for free w/ orders through Suburban Home because nobody wanted it. Liked Flamingo Trigger, then this band totally changed, for the worst in my opinion.

Gonzo is the fifth studio album by American rock band Foxy Shazam.The album was announced and self-released for free online downloads on April 2, 2014. A limited quantity of the album was also made available on vinyl records.

October 28, 2014  After more than ten years of our lives completely revolving around Foxy Shazam, it is time to disband for an unknown amount of time. Performing more than two thousand shows together around the world has been life changing, but also has kept us from spending time with our families and pursuing our own passions and ways to grow individually as artists. It has been an honor sharing ourselves and our music with all of you. Thank you to all of our fans, family, and friends that have supported us through everything to make this previous decade the best times of our lives.

Cincinnati band Foxy Shazam dropped their fifth studio album, Gonzo, quite unexpectedly as a free download on their website in April. Gonzo is not only their most raw and unapologetic work to date, according to lead vocalist Eric Nally (who has been referred to as the imagined love child of The Mighty Boosh actor Noel Fielding and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury), it reveals Foxy Shazam’s inner darkness and exposes their most secret thoughts for the world to “take apart.” Gonzo is the band’s first concept album, and it touches on topics like family, change and fear. Nally ventures into new territory as a songwriter and talks about the struggle within himself to break out of the shadow of his father, on whom he based his onstage persona.

“There’s no more trying, I just have to be true to what I really want. I realized I don’t have to look for something out there, there’s something inside me, and it’s been here the whole time.” Foxy Shazam recruited producer Steve Albini, who is known for his lo-fi engineering, for Gonzo. Despite the prolific list of prominent artists Albini has worked with (Nirvana, the Pixies, Robert Plant), the band wasn’t afraid or intimidated; they were well aware of what they were in for when they called on him. “We forgot about all the outside things and focused on the fact that we were doing what we wanted to do, so when we came into the studio I think he sensed that we were 100-percent sure of what we wanted to do,” says Nally. “That made the whole process go smoother. He did what he’s best at and we did what we’re best at, and it worked.” So Foxy Shazam discovered new territory and were able to find themselves, but why drop the new album so suddenly and for free? The singer admits that it was one of their most arduous and most honest efforts, and the band felt the need to donate it to the world.

• Wednesday, April 2, 2014, 11:04am Download new album GONZO for FREE! Announce their fifth album GONZO, available now for FREE!

Vinyl pre-orders are. Gonzo is the first independent release from Foxy Shazam in five years. It was self-produced and recorded with famed engineer Steve Albini. Reflecting on working with Albini, singer Eric Nally states, “He’s the master of recording what you’re good at. [The album] was written in a room, recorded in a room, all together. It was a shared experience, and an easier process, and things really started to come out.