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A terrible plague called Zodiva began to spread and the wolves were suspected to be the cause. This led to King Garibaldi calling for the extermination of all wolves'. 2017 Platform: Steam Type: GxB, visual novel, voice acting Commercial 'Our heroine, Amane Kosaka, was living a simple yet happy life in the countryside until one day she was suddenly taken away to live in the empire, summoned by her brother Soshi Amazaki – the current ruler. Though she was unaware of the underlying circumstances, she finds herself brought to this lively and palpable central city. Living in the immaculate royal palace, our heroine comes to learn that the empire might not be as joyful as it seems. 2017 Platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Steam Type: GxB, GxG, visual novel, puzzle, voice acting, non-anime art Commercial 'Dark times have come for Bright's family, but luckily, she has the favor of the famous healer-witch Orchid.

Complete listing of all (?) otome games in English or that are English-translated, compiled by Laramie Castiel on []. Yeah, unfortunately Otomate puts their games on the PSP because of piracy or something like that. On the bright side though, playing their PSP games helps your Japanese improve a lot compared to on a PC, from my experience anyway. But on the other hand, it’s harder for their games to get localized because the PSP is nearly dead, at least in the U.S. They’ve expressed interest in localizing their games (there’s Hakuoki and the upcoming Sweet Fuse & they brought up NORN9 frequently in some of their interviews), so hopefully we’ll get to see more from them!

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Which samurai will you end up saving from himself? Closing Although there aren't that many English otome games on the market today, you can't deny that the otome games that are available are fun to play and have great plotlines. Whether you want to fangirl over guys, play an RPG, or just want something to kill time, otome games will satisfy your needs perfectly. If you don't happen to have any gaming consoles, don't fret. There's a wide array of English otome games available on your smartphone!

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Life for these two is about to become a lot more interesting as they have to learn how to cooperate with their worst enemies!

Focussed on getting good grades and tirelessly trying to gain her mother’s approval, Heejung’s only solace in life is her art hobby. She wakes up one day to the sounds of curious shuffling and loud meows.

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RE: Alistair++ is a free otome game (dating sim featuring a female protagonist and male bachelors) by sakevisual. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Merui loves video games, especially her favorite MMORPG, Rivenwell Online.

Some of them exploded in their popularity, and some of them has a moderate but pretty loyal fanbase. Here we have built up a list top ten otome anime!

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I haven't been here fora long, long time because of life and stuff. I didn't even have time to answer to your emails. But I've got some time again, so I'll be updating the list soon again~ For now I've deleted some otome game on the list that have been taken down (like 1st and 2nd teen story) and I've changed the download/play pages for some others (Drawn to You for example). If I've missed any, you can always tell me!

This is a video about all the info that I know about OTOME GAMES! It look me years and years of research to find these websites and games lol. Best free office suite for windows 10. So please enjoy! Games Mentioned in Video: Amnesia (Steam, PsVita) Hakuoki (Psp, PsVita, Android/Iphone) Code Realize (PsVita) Norn 9 (PsVita) Sweet Fuse (Psp, PsVita) Uta No Prince Sama Music 3 (PsVita) The Men of Yoshiwara (PsVita, Steam, Android/Iphone) Dandelion Wishes (Steam) Nameless (Steam) Yao BL games lol: DRAMAtical Murder (Patch for PC) Hustle Cat (Steam, PC) Important Websites: (STEAM IS FOR PC GAMES:D)

Some Romance Games or Anime Dating Games for Guys? And are a couple of visual novels guys will love, but they are far from the only ones. Guys have tons of options, regardless of their sexuality. You can find ones that fit you and your preferences easily.