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The idea for that episode came about after Carey told about a dream he'd had the night before. During his teenage years Grimm became involved with the hip hop community and decided that he wanted to be an MC at the age of 14.

As part of Monsta Island Czars, Grimm has used the names Jet Jaguar and Superstar Jet Jaguar. After his release from prison, Grimm also used the GM Grimm moniker, short for Grandmaster Grimm. Since 2004, Grimm has continued to use the 'MF Grimm' moniker, although he sometimes refers to himself as 'GM Grimm' or 'Jet Jaguar.'


About “The Book of Daniel”. DOOM and Grimm had been partners throughout the 90s. Grimm provided drug money to fund the Black Bastards album in 1993 when DOOM was still in KMD. He stood by DOOM when his brother died that same year and he left the game for five years. Grimm also helped on Operation: Doomsday and they did an EP together. MF DOOM - Doomsday Remix MF DOOM - No Snakes Alive MF DOOM - Impostas MF Grimm - The Original Remix MF Grimm - Break Em Off MF Grimm - Dedicated MF Grimm - The Original MF DOOM - Doomsday Remix. Adobe creative suite free. MF Doom joins forces with underground legend MF Grimm for this classic Brick Records collaboration. Doom's recent album and releases under the aliases Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah and Mad Villain have seen his profile leap from the underground to the mainstream. Brainsick, tick, tick, tick, MF blow it up Slow it up, speed it up, slow it up, speed it up Metal Fingers feed beats, Grimm Reaper eat it up Speed it up, slow it up, speed it up, slow it up Brainsick, tick, tick, tick, MF blow it up [MF Grimm:] Take air, compress it, bless it Mix loops like Ku Klux MF don't give two fucks.

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This lifestyle eventually caught up with him again when his organization was taken down by the police. Facing narcotics conspiracy charges, Grimm was sentenced to under the in 2000. Before his sentence began, Grimm recorded his debut album,. Relationship with MF Doom [ ] MF Grimm and became friends in the early 1990s, bonding over mutual interests in Hip Hop, comics, and mutual friends. Grimm featured on KMD's 1993 single What a Niggy Know (Remix), credited as 'The Grimm Reaper.'