Navya Full Episode 1

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He has a sharp tongue and is a stern father. He respects and loves his father more than anyone in the world and wants to make him proud and happy in whatever he does.

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Her family is quite conservative and she tries to strike a balance between traditions and modernity to keep herself and her family happy. She is innocent and believes in fairytale romances. She has two best friends: Ritika (Ritz) and Appy. She falls in love with Anant.

Anant's baba agrees that Navya and Anant can marry but there is one condition they lay if she will be in their house. She would be forced to follow their in-laws; they will go to Navya's house to fix Anant and Navya's alliance. Navya then gets ready for Anant's family to go and see her when she remembers she has to cook something for them. With help from her mother, she makes samosas.

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She shares a great bond with Navya. Sometimes she gets close to Anant's friend Harry. Ranbir 19 Ritika's boyfriend and Anant's friend He is Anant's childhood friend. He and Ritika share a great love relationship. Harry 19 Anant's friend He is Anant's friend.

Saraswati 68 Anant's Bua dadi She is a widow with lots of attitude. She bosses the whole Bajpai family around. She is believes in old things like after 12th or may be before 12th girls should get married. Love marriage is not allowed. Boys do not have any girl as his friend and girls do not have any boy as her friend.

Anant and Navya feel happy to see OM and he says sorry to Sugandha for his misbehavior. Buadadi cribs against family members and Baba gets angry at Buadadi.

Navya yang diperankan Soumnya Seth adalah mahasiswi berusia 19 tahun yang berkarakter polos. Hal ini karena keluarganya yang konservatif membuatnya tidak dapat hidup dengan bebas seperti kebanyakan teman-temannya.

Appy 19 Navya’s friend She is also Navya’s childhood friend. Her chirpiness and innocence makes her incredibly lovable.

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He was sure that Navya is invited because he sees the name of her father and dadi on a card. After two weeks, the wedding come closer and then there comes another problem. Father and his baba want Anant to stay home and look their business. Anant's brother says that Anant should go with them. His Chacha ji can stay at home and says that with this he will know about his responsibilities. His baba says that Anant can go to Kanpur. In Kanpur at the wedding when Navya's mother learns that Anant is there, she keeps Navya away from him.