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The fewer the variables, the less human interface required to make questionable judgments. PhotoGrav 3.0 works so well by reducing the variables in the laser-engraving process.

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Take your time at this point of the process to get the final engraving size figured out, and let PhotoGrav do the work for you. The image is now ready for processing by the algorithms in PhotoGrav. Click the Final Process button to start the magic. When the processing is complete, a simulated image will be displayed. The top left of the main screen will show several buttons with letters on them.

Photograv Software Torrent

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A good starting point would be to start with the same settings used for engraving text into the material. From this point, you assess the results and make some small adjustments to the power setting. Look closely at the facial features of the engraved photo. Adjust your settings so the eyes engrave sharp and clear.

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Keep in mind that some materials like black marble may work in reverse of other materials like wood. Be sure to write down your settings as you go, so the progression of finding the ideal settings can be seen in the result and in your written settings.


Click on the engraved radio button and then OK. I keep a folder on my desktop of engraved images so they are easy to find when I import them into my layout software. ENGRAVING THE PROCESSED IMAGE With the image processed and ready for engraving, we can import it into our layout software. The processed image is a monochrome bitmap format that can be imported into all standard layout programs.

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PhotoGrav 2.xx Parameter Sets for Other Materials There are several named parameter sets available for new engraving materials or for materials that PhotoGraV did not originally include. These materials include Black Granite, LaserTile, and Alumamark. The named parameter sets are available below as self-extracting zipped files. To download and use these files, click the desired link and, in the resulting dialog box, specify a folder for saving the downloaded '.exe' file. After the download is complete, find the folder and double click on the '.exe' file you just downloaded. In the resulting WinZip dialog box, specify to which folder the file should be unzipped and then click 'Unzip'. The named parameter set file (.prm file) will be unzipped and placed in the folder you specified.