Sure Cuts A Lot For Cricut

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Sure Cuts A Lot 3 $9.99 Sure Cuts A Lot is an easy to use software to design virtually any layout for cutting with your electronic cutting machine.

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Sure Cuts A Lot Cricut Expression

If you don’t see the design visit. Click the menu icon in the top left corner and select New Machine Setup. You’ll want to have handy: your included sample cardstock, paper, cutting mat, and your silver pen. If you still have the protective film on your cutting mat remove it now and set it aside for later. It should be kept for protecting the surface while you’re not using it. • Load the grey cardstock on to the cutting mat.

A brief note on the accessory and blade clamps: if you ever need to remove the blade or accessory clamp just pull open the lever and pull out the metal housing. The blade sits on the inside and there’s a tiny plunger on the top. You can press down on this to reveal the blade which is magnetically held out. If you ever need to replace the blade just pull it out and drop another one in.

Depending on the plan you choose you’re given unlimited (but temporary) access to fonts, designs, or even a 10% discount on all purchases from Cricut Access could definitely be worth it if you find yourself buying a lot of items in the Cricut Design Space store. Personally, I prefer to purchase designs as I need them and this way I own them forever. Bluetooth usage The Explore Air 2 features Bluetooth out of the box so it will work with your computer wirelessly, your iPhone, or your iPad. If you need help pairing it with your computer, Cricut has that covers Windows/Mac/iOS/Android devices. Tricks and tips • You can use Design Space with basically any image you find. Check out Cricut’s. • If you need images to use I’ve put together of free SVG images that you can import.

• Cricut cutting mat. • Cutting blade ( pre-installed) • Cricut Explore Air 2 (if you’re missing this, the box was probably pretty light) • Power + USB cords • Silver pen + accessory adapter ( pre-installed) • Cardstock + vinyl samples (we’ve heard of some kits missing these) Note: there are several different kits available (Premium Vinyl, Ultimate Kit, Tools Kit, Complete Starter Kit, Vinyl Starter Kit) so you might have a few extra items included. Differences between the Explore Air and Explore Air 2 A common question I’m asked is: the Explore Air and Explore Air 2 look basically the same and seem to have all of the same features so what’s the difference?

The larger compartment is great for storing longer tools/pens. • Smart Set dial. Rotate the dial to select the material you’ll be cutting. It feels great to turn and indicates which materials you can cut with 2x fast mode. • Cutting mat. This is going to be how we load most material into our Cricut machine. It’s sticky on one side for holding our material securely in place.