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Learning Hindi typing seems to be very difficulty at first but Hindi typing is really easy. One may want to learn Hindi typing for any purpose. Most of our users learn Hindi typing through to pass certain government job typing tests. Many want to learn just for their office work or personal work. In this post we will see how one can learn Hindi typing as fast as English typing. What typing software can be useful for this. When it comes to learning Hindi typing first thing we do is start finding a Hindi typing tutor which can be helpful in learning Hindi.

Sir ap ke speed test me sha aur satkod sha kyu opossit ban raha h matlab jo shift key ke sath banna chahiye o o bina shift key ka ban rha h aur jo shift key se banna.

Typing In Hindi Online

Indic Input Tool is available for all Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali etc. Note:- Hindi Indic Input tool will not work on Windows 10. Windows 10 is not supported but no need to worry about this there are other methods available.

Next you need to click on input tools in the top right ( in second ribbon) pictured as अ and choose हिन्दी Now you can write anything by typing simple English it will converted to hindi. If you write HUM, it will show हम The best thing, it will give you various drop down options to choose the best word. You need not to save the document since it will get saved automatically. You can access it anytime from anywhere with your Gmail by visiting the Google Drive. Torrent

Kruti Dev Hindi Typing

Usually many candidates appear in several Hindi typing exams. For each exam candidate has to learn different Hindi typing. Suppose you have to learn KrutiDev typing for SSC but when you appear in CPCT you have to learn mangal font typing. In this case Soni Typing Tutor is the best bet. • Specially designed for government typing examinations only. • No need to install any other Hindi fonts and input tools. All the fonts and input tools are automatically installed with Soni Typing Tutor.

Typing In Hindi Online Google

After going through all these tools you will be very much comfortable in Hindi typing. There is no doubt almost all the business communications are made in English. But there are many Government organizations where communications in Hindi is preferred. Many of us have misconception that Hindi is our national language, which is not correct. Hindi is only our official language sharing the status with English language. The constitution of India has not given any language the status of national language. But still Hindi language is most spoken language in India and I love it.