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To obtain an activation code, the first thing you need to do is to find the product code of your TomTom product. This productcode can be found on one of these places. I purchased my tomtom 720 when I first came out. I believe I paid more than $500 dollars. I hardly use this tomtom 720. I’ve noticed the battery was dead so I replaced it with new one. Few days ago I was driving using my tomtom720 I nearly crashed, it was pointing me to a wrong direction.

  1. Tomtom Card Activation Code

• Mobile apps: Drivers who prefer to use a smartphone for vehicle navigation but still want to take advantage of TomTom’s many features can download the TomTom GO Mobile app. The app provides offline navigation, real-time traffic information and more.

To activate your Lifetime Map Update Service code using MyDrive Connect, follow the steps below: • Go to to download and install MyDrive Connect. [ ] • Connect your navigation device to your computer.

Be sure to read any comments associated with such codes before trying to use them. You may also encounter offers that are labeled 'Expired'. These are codes or other offers for TomTom which have previously expired, or which our community of users has voted down over time although they might still be valid.

Please, specifically on youtube and amazon reviews where i found, are you able to comment or perhaps expand the possible reason why there appears a problem. I purchased my tomtom 720 when I first came out. I believe I paid more than $500 dollars. I hardly use this tomtom 720. I’ve noticed the battery was dead so I replaced it with new one. Few days ago I was driving using my tomtom720 I nearly crashed, it was pointing me to a wrong direction.

Tomtom Card Activation Code

Not to mention they sale it without verifying if the device have enough storage. Will continue to use iPhone and throw this junk away. I just updated my TomTom Start that I purchased 4 years ago. Yes, the prompting for updating is annoying and the first time you log in to the downloaded TomTom home it may show that you have to pay for maps even if your device, like mine, has free lifetime maps. A quick call to customer service, who picked up on second ring with no bothersome menu-press-and-listen junk, and a short chat with a representative fixed the problem.

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Pair this with any Bluetooth Keyboard. Type in the activation key or the product code using the Bluetooth keyboard. I got stuck for a few minutes trying to use both keyboards trying get my code in since the characters and numbers are mapped different, but I finally figures it out. Use the numeric keypad and hit it 4 to 5 times in a rows to get your number in place. Keep your other hand on the backspace since you might need to do a few times to get the right number for your code.

Everything was fine with the unit but it would cost me $99.99 USD for a 5 year license or $129.99 lifetime. When I told them I had lifetime free maps I was told the maps were free - however I had to pay a software fee. Also it couldn't get a valid GPS signal.

It did recognise my device and it only updated minor details, but asking me to buy a new map? Nowadays maps are everywhere and cost cheap.

No proof of purchase is require. I found the process to be very easy and, unlike this article, there were no connectivity issues if you’re just a little patient.

Click the “Eject” button and disconnect your unit from your computer, then click “Use my activation code” in the main menu of the TomTom HOME program. Type in your code, then click “Next” and “Continue” once it accepts the code. If your unit requires you to use MyDrive Connect, plug your unit into a USB port on your computer and open MyDrive Connect if it doesn’t open automatically. If you haven’t connected your GPS unit to your TomTom account yet, you’ll see a prompt to do so. Next, click the “Use Activation Code” at the bottom right corner and make sure it shows the correct serial number and model for your device. Click “Continue,” enter the activation code that came with your device, then click “Activate.” Paid Updates If you’re past the Latest Map Guarantee period and your device didn’t come with Lifetime Maps, you can still get map updates from TomTom’s website and install them through the MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME software, but the updates won’t be free.

We can spare ourselves the expenses of new updates and we have a device which is ready for the road whenever we want to use it. We can also get free maps for TomTom if we follow the sales available in their shops or the Internet.

Original review: Sept. 20, 2016 Have owned 2 TOMTOM GPS Devices. Cannot remember my first one, but the same problem developed on both devices. The second, purchased in June of 2014, nice device 6' touch screen, just like the first, constantly checking TOMTOM website with MyDrive Connect for updates. Installed a couple minor map updates no problem, but I recently checked MyDrive Connect and there was a map available and a quick fix update for my device, so I downloaded and installed the first and do check out the device and it was working fantastic and really fast. Downloaded the quick fix update and installed on my device. The device never work again after that.

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